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  • simplicial — simˈplishəl adjective Etymology: simplicia + al : of or relating to simplexes simplicial mapping …   Useful english dictionary

  • Simplicial set — In mathematics, a simplicial set is a construction in categorical homotopy theory which is a purely algebraic model of the notion of a well behaved topological space. Historically, this model arose from earlier work in combinatorial topology and… …   Wikipedia

  • Simplicial complex — In mathematics, a simplicial complex is a topological space of a particular kind, constructed by gluing together points, line segments, triangles, and their n dimensional counterparts (see illustration). Simplicial complexes should not be… …   Wikipedia

  • Simplicial sphere — In geometry and combinatorics, a simplicial (or combinatorial) d sphere is a simplicial complex homeomorphic to the d dimensional sphere. Some simplicial spheres arise as the boundaries of convex polytopes, however, in higher dimensions most… …   Wikipedia

  • Simplicial homology — In mathematics, in the area of algebraic topology, simplicial homology is a theory with a finitary definition, and is probably the most tangible variant of homology theory. Simplicial homology concerns topological spaces whose building blocks are …   Wikipedia

  • Simplicial category — In mathematics, the simplicial category (or ordinal category) is a construction in category theory used to define simplicial and cosimplicial objects. Formal definitionThe simplicial category is usually denoted by Delta and is sometimes denoted… …   Wikipedia

  • Simplicial manifold — In mathematics, the term simplicial manifold commonly refers to either of two different types of objects, which combine attributes of a simplex with those of a manifold. Briefly; a simplex is a generalization of the concept of a triangle into… …   Wikipedia

  • Simplicial polytope — A d dimensional simplicial polytope is a polytope whose facets are adjacent to exactly d ridges.They are topologically dual to simple polytopes. Polytopes which are bothsimple and simplicial are either simplices or two dimensional polygons.… …   Wikipedia

  • Simplicial approximation theorem — In mathematics, the simplicial approximation theorem is a foundational result for algebraic topology, guaranteeing that continuous mappings can be (by a slight deformation) approximated by ones that are piecewise of the simplest kind. It applies… …   Wikipedia

  • simplicial — adjective Date: 1926 of or relating to simplexes • simplicially adverb …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • simplicial — adjective Having to do with, or having, simplices …   Wiktionary

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